PLEASE NOTE: E-waste must be booked separately to Problem Waste.

Items must remain on your property, near the front boundary.


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Problem Waste

We will pick up:


(Cumberland City Council & City of Parramatta Council residents only

Problem waste: Our team can lift a maximum of 20kg or 20L per item of problem waste. We can collect a maximum of 12 items or 100L per booking. .

E-waste: All items must be smaller than 60 inches or 153cm, weighing a maximum of 45kg per item. We can collect a maximum of 5 items or 100kg per booking.

Dangerous goods and items other than those listed will not be accepted.


(Cumberland City Council residents only)

Acceptable quantity: Maximum of 30kgs (limited to 15kg per bag). Please use plastic bags to protect textiles from rain, dew, dust etc.

For other items not listed please click here for further information.