Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do my items get collected if it is raining?
    YES, your items will still be collected if it is raining or inclement weather. Please ensure all containers are sealed. No leaking tins or containers will accepted.
  2. Is there a fee for this service?
    NO, this is a free service for all households in the Cumberland City Council, Blacktown City Council and City of Parramatta Council local government areas.
  3. Is there a limit to the amount I can place out?
    YES, only household quantities are accepted.
    Problem waste: Our team can lift a maximum of 20kg or 20L per item of problem waste. We can collect a maximum of 12 items or 100L per booking.
    E-waste: All items must be smaller than 60 inches or 153cm, weighing a maximum of 45kg per item.  We can collect a maximum of 5 items or 100kg per booking.
  4. Where do I place the items for collection?
    Materials must be placed on your property within your front boundary, in an accessible area (e.g. not behind locked gates, no unrestrained pets). Please put all small items into bags or boxes.
  5. Can you take my household chemicals?
    Unfortunately, chemicals including household cleaners, fuel, solvents, garden chemicals and poisons cannot be accepted due to safety risks. These items can be disposed of via NSW EPA Household Chemical Cleanout. Please click here  for details
  6. Can you take ALL paints and solvents?
    NO, for safety reasons solvents and some paints including sealants and road/ concrete paints cannot be accepted. You can dispose of these items in NSW EPA Household chemical cleanouts. Please click here  for details.
  7. Can you take gas bottles other than BBQ gas bottles?
    Yes, we can accept butane gas cylinders and small helium tanks, up to 9kg . Large LPG gas bottles, oxygen bottles and welding bottles cannot be accepted, they should be returned to the gas dealer eg. Supagas or BOC.
  8. What types of motor oil and car fluids can be accepted?
    A range of car fluids can be accepted. Please note these cannot be diluted with fuel. We can accept:
    • Gearbox oil
    • Coolant
    • Brake and steering fluids
  9. How do I dispose of other unwanted materials?
    Please click here for other options to dispose of common household wastes.
  10. How many collections can I book in each year?
    There is a limit of 5 collections per household, each year. The Mobile Community Recycling Service is available to residents year round. 
  11. Who can I contact if I have any questions about what I can put out for collection?
    Please contact your local participating Council.
  12. Who operates the program?
    The Mobile Community Recycling Service is delivered by Resource Recovery Australia (RRA). RRA is a not-for-profit social enterprise that works in waste management to keep waste out of landfill and create employment and training opportunities for people experiencing barriers to work.

Still have a question? Contact our friendly customer service team on:

Cumberland City Council   8757 9000
Blacktown City Council   9839 6000
City of Parramatta   9806 5050

or send us an email